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Vitalba Diciocia Martini
Interpreter & Translator

Interpretation in the combinations of these languages: French, Italian and English

I can assist you during your real estate transactions, notarial acts that involve Italian or English-speaking people or during your commercial negotiations!

I offer consecutive interpretation or liaison assistance during a general assembly of co-ownership, a client meeting, a workshop or a working meeting. If you are planning to hold a business meeting with people who don’t speak your language, then an interpreter would be best placed to meet your needs

Here are the different types of interpretation you might need:

Consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter sits next to the speaker, listens to the speech and, thanks to a few notes, translates the segment after the speaker. The intervention can last several minutes, so it is necessary to master the technique of minutes taking, in order to correctly reproduce what the speaker has said. Consecutive interpretation continues to be favored in certain types of meetings (business meals, in particular technical meetings, etc.)

Whispered interpretation

In whispered interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker's speech and whispers it simultaneously in the ear of one or, at most, two delegates.

Liaison interpreting or community interpreting

Liaison interpretation or community interpreting is the interpretation made for public administrations, such as Finance, social security, hospitals, etc This type of interpretation has developed particularly in places where there has been a large influx of immigrants and, given the circumstances, public services have been forced to use interpreters in order to be able to respond to requests from immigrants. Today, this type of interpretation is more suitable for small meetings with few participants, which allows the interpreter to perform an interpretation similar to consecutive one, but at multiple intervals. As the name suggests, this type of interpretation serves to establish a link between foreign delegations and the local community.

Translation Italian, English and French

Legal and financial translation

Contracts, company statutes, reports from experts, powers of attorney, notarial documents, company presentations, company incorporation, patents, financial communication, financial reports, calls for tenders ...

Translation in the field of Real Estate

Convocation to General Assemblies, Minutes, note from building administrator, contracts of services ...

Technical and specialized translation

Translation of websites, advertising flyers, technical documentation or press releases.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Marketing authorizations, drug leaflets, clinical trials, study and research protocols, scientific articles, hospital reports, medical brochures, conference reports ...


Are you a researcher, a scientist, an engineer, an academic…? Do you write texts documents in Italian but need proofreading by a native Italian speaker? 

I can help you!

A few keywords

Responsiveness and quality

Your requests for quotes will be processed immediately. I promise to provide you with a free quote as soon as possible, taking into account your emergencies.


I will keep strictly confidential, both during the execution of the contract and after its expiry, any document and any information provided to me by the Client.

Respect of deadlines

I will do my utmost to ensure the deadlines are met.

I am at your disposal for all your translations, interpretations and revision projects


The price of a translation depends on several criteria, the main one being the number of words to translate, but the language combination, the subject covered and / or the technical nature of the text, the deadline, the format, etc. are also taken into account. Translation prices can vary from 1 to 14 depending on the service provider to whom you are going to contact (from the intern to the prestigious translation agency) and according to the type of translation desired (simple translation or complete linguistic service with revision, editorial advice, certified translation).

As in other professions, in translation time is money. Before requesting a translation, remember the time spent by your teams to develop the original. We must remain realistic: we do not translate in an hour what was written in a day! When it comes to translation, you also have to know how to leave time to time. A quality translation requires several back and forths, thought, sometimes even expert opinions on the subject being dealt with. By working with me, you can be sure that I will dedicate as much time as necessary to provide you with the translation you deserve!

To get a precise quote, send me all the details of your request to or via the contact page and I will get back to you quickly. Responsiveness is one of my key words and a parameter that I consider to be very important. I will tell you in all honesty if I am able to meet your expectations (in terms of price, time, field of activity …) to either do the work myself or direct you to the right person.